Always More or Less Under Construction!

I have obtained several patents and actively published in peer reviewed journals. Here are some of the selected highlights.

Links to my complete list of peer review articles can be found at the ArXiv, on OrcID, ResearcherID and Google Scholar. An older website that I update less frequently now is located here.

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Mel Science . Chemistry
Tin 錫.
Chemistry of eggs
Lemon Battery and the Galvanic Cell
Igniting Iron
Colorful Chemistry
Etching and Plating
Egyptian Night

Modern Physics (276070 a course at NTUT)
Fundamental Concepts
Atoms and Molecules
– “Da Correspondence Principle
Concepts in Magnetism, Solids and Optoelectronics
Thermodynamic Concepts, Biomagnetism, Potentials and Transport
Medical PhysicsImagingSound and UltrasoundNuclear Physics

Data and Codes
Github repository